Boston Unplugged Live Music Benefit

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Paramount Theater, Boston, MA

$15 advance, $20 at the door

Boston Unplugged: The Boston Unplugged Live Music Benefit series provides a platform to Boston's emerging talent with a goal to engage our community to support our all-star charities/organizations, while sponsoring creative media campaigns to drive awareness to Boston Philanthropy.

Music score by Jprizm Featuring live music by Débo Ray Tania DeBarros Kenny Polo Jr


7:00PM JPRIZM 7:30PM Kenny Polo 8:00PM Beneficiary Spotlight 9:00PM Tania DeBarros 10:00PM Debo Ray

All ticket proceeds will benefit Ten Point Coalition (Youth Summer Jobs Fund).

Boston Ten-Point Coalition

The Boston Ten-Point Coalition (BTPC) works to mobilize the community around issues affecting black and latino youth. To assist youth at high risk for violence, drug abuse, and other destructive behaviors, the BTPC also seeks to build partnerships with community-based, clergy, governmental, and private sector institutions that are committed to the revitalization of the families and communities in which Boston youth grow up.

Programs that develop from these partnerships target some of Boston communities’ “troubled youth,” youth that other agencies most frequently are unable to serve. The BTPC helps coordinate youth services and community outreach to respond proactively to the threat of increasing violence these communities face.